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Come enjoy an icy dip in east side lake, and help lead the charge against breast cancer!

Plunging for Pink is an event of the "Paint the Town Pink Festival" in Austin, MN. This polar plunge event was started as a way to raise funds for breast cancer research, while creating a fun and creative winter activity that is wildly entertaining!  Over the course of the past seven years, the participants of this event have combined to raise more than $400,000 towards breast cancer research!  Participants of the plunge are asked to raise a minimum donation amount of $50 in order to plunge into the frigid waters of icy East Side Lake. You can jump as a team, or jump as an individual. The idea is to raise as much money as possible in order to find a cure for breast cancer; to honor or tribute the loved ones we know affected by breast cancer; and to have fun supporting this enormous cause!

While plungers are raising money for a worthy cause, we encourage participants and spectators to be as festive as possible.  Be prepared for a fun envinroment with plenty of pink, music and fun!  Our previous experience has shown that the more action the better, and we schedule our teams and individuals to get through their plunge quickly, insuring non-stop fun and action!

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Plunging for Pink will be held on Saturday, February 1st, 2020 - starting at 12:30 p.m.


East Side Lake - Public Lake Access
East Side Lake Park @ Oakland Pl NE & 8th Ave Ne
Austin, MN


The University of Minneosta offers a crowd funding tool.
This page can then be shared with all of your friends and family via social media, email or text and let them link right to your page!


Participants are asked to raise a minimum of $50 towards breast cancer research in order to take the plunge, and encouraged to raise as much as possible beyond that point also!

Any cash and checks that are collected should be brought with you the day of your plunge and turned in during registration.

We encourage plungers to utilize the NEW crowdfundiing online donation tool provided in partnership by the University of Minnesota and The Hormel Institute.  Each team will have a crowdfunding page set up for them that will allow them to share their team page with friends and family, while allowing online donation from the site with 100% of the funds going directly to The Hormel Institute's breast cancer research fund!  Details about crowdfunding will be sent in addition after registration is complete.

Click here for a Donation Tracking Form

Chicken Coop
We have a few new people this year that are thinking about taking the plunge, but they are just a little too chicken to jump in the water without some extra motivation.  

Day of the Plunge

We will open registration at 11:30 and encourage you to arrive early.  When you register on site, you will need to sign your waiver, receive your Plunging T-shirt and turn in any of the funds that you have raised towards your plunge. 

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time in advance of your scheduled plunge time that will be emailed to you a week in advance of Plunge day. Also, plan accordingly for the weather conditions.  We will have heated trailers, as well as a heated warming tent, but these will be reserved for plungers during their plunging activity.  Reminder that safety is most important and all plungers must wear shoes and be in proper condition to plunge.  We encourage you to check the tab at the top of the web page for additional "Tips & Tricks."

Hyvee will be serving alcohol and other beverages at the plunge again this year!

Pinky Plunge
Want to participate, but can't or don't want to jump all the way in to the frigid cold waters of East Side Lake?  We would like all children, women, and men of all ages and abilities to be able to partake in this great event, so we will kick off with an all new Pinky Plunge this year!  Come dip a toe, finger, or whatever other body part you desire in to the lake!  All pinky plungers will go at the same time, so when signing up below please choose "Join Existing Team" and choose "Pinky Plunge."  Pinky Plungers will be asked to raise a minimum donation amount of $30, and will still get to enjoy the t-shirt and after party meal like the rest of the plungers.

Post Plunge Celebration

Whether you are plunging or not, come out and celebrate with us starting at 3:30 p.m. at the Eagles! The Plunge Celebration will feature award ceremony for plungers, raffle prizes, a silent auction, music, beverage, food and refreshments with proceeds going to benefit breast cancer research at the Hormel Institute!

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I wish to participate in the Plunging for Pink Event (the "Activity") sponsored by PTTP Steering Committee, using public property in Austin Minnesota (PTTP & City). My participation in the Activity is voluntary. I acknowledge that participating in the Activity carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. I know and am aware of all the dangers associated with my participation in the Activity and with such knowledge assume any and all such risks while participating in the Activity including but not limited to injuries that may result from jumping in freezing cold water and the effects of the extreme cold weather. To the best of my knowledge I am physically fit and have no physical or medical conditions that would prevent me from participating in the Activity. I acknowledge that the PTTP recommends that prior to participating in the Activity, I should first consult with my physician and abide by any limitations set by my physician. I understand and agree that neither the PTTP or any person acting on behalf of the City, may be held liable in any way for any event which occurs in connection with the Activity which may result in harm, death, injury or other damage to me. This waiver of liability does not waive liability for any injuries that I obtain as the result of willful, wanton or intentional misconduct by the PTTP or any person acting on behalf of the City. I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless PTTP and the City for any expense or liability the PTTP or City may incur as a result of my conduct, actions or omissions while participating in the Activity. It is my express intent that this Waiver and Release shall bind the members of my family, if I am alive, and my heirs, assigns and personal representatives if I am deceased.

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Team Name Name
SINGLE JUMPER Kellie Benning
Accentra CU Wieonia O'Neil
Accentra CU Holly Camerer
Accentra CU Rahni Davis
Accentra CU Sherree King
AKKERMAN Lamont Andrews
AKKERMAN Derek Akkerman
Angry Hog Porkcicles Joe Bower
Angry Hog Porkcicles Joe Bower
Angry Hog Porkcicles Lynn Dorenkemper
Angry Hog Porkcicles Nolan Kolander
Barbs Blue Lips Hope McAlister
Barbs Blue Lips Barb McAlister
Barbs Blue Lips Hunter Gehrke
Barbs Blue Lips Tina Wiersma
Barbs Blue Lips Skylar Sullivan
Barbs Blue Lips John Sullivan
Barbs Blue Lips Abby Davis
Cedar Valley Plungers karie reimers
Cedar Valley Plungers Allison Simonson
Cedar Valley Plungers Chelsea Lange
Cedar Valley Plungers Jennifer Gilbert
Cedar Valley Plungers Natalie Slack
Cedar Valley Plungers Katie Cook
Cedar Valley Plungers Anja Claussen
Cedar Valley Plungers Shannon Koster
Cedar Valley Plungers Tanya Carbert
Cedar Valley Plungers Dennis Reimers
Cedar Valley Plungers Brandon Duclos
Chili Dawgs Toren Bires
Chili Dawgs Emma Koenig
Chili Dawgs Toby Hovelsrud
Chili Dawgs Jacob Gross
Chili Dawgs Brittni Gross
Chili Dawgs Angie Hovelsrud
Chili Dawgs Codyq Anderson
Chili Dawgs Drew Helle
Connecting Young Professionals Jim Koenig
Connecting Young Professionals Taylor Kadrlik
Connecting Young Professionals Carrie Braaten
Connecting Young Professionals Brandon Moore
Connecting Young Professionals Danielle Morem
Crazy AF's An Le
Crazy AF's Amanda Hinde
Crazy AF's Stephanie Holtorf
Dutchtown Jumpers Jeremy Olson
Dutchtown Jumpers Judy Enright
Dutchtown Jumpers Jeremy Martin
Dutchtown Jumpers Terry Schmidt
Dutchtown Jumpers Heath Deters
Dutchtown Jumpers Josh Kern
Dutchtown Jumpers Mandi Overby
Dutchtown Jumpers Mike Upcraft
Dutchtown Jumpers Chad Thomas
Dutchtown Jumpers Jeremy Martin
Dutchtown Jumpers Steve Sampson
Dutchtown Jumpers Ty Sampson
Dutchtown Jumpers Tim Haldorson
Dutchtown Jumpers Teri Erickson
Dutchtown Jumpers robert LAURY
Dutchtown Jumpers Dillan Erickson
Eskimo brothers Travis Bergland
Eskimo brothers Jacob Richard
Eskimo brothers Tyler Miller
Eskimo brothers Herve Kinhoun
Eskimo brothers Aaron Dooley
Eskimo brothers Codi Schwab
Eskimo brothers Tom Christgau
Eskimo brothers Lily Eidge
Eskimo brothers Dan Blomberg
Eskimo brothers Jaceb Crews
Food Safety Fanatics Adrianne Noyola
Food Safety Fanatics Samantha Allen
Food Safety Fanatics Tim Toliver
Food Safety Fanatics Valerie Vandergriff
Food Safety Fanatics Danielle Martinez
Food Safety Fanatics Caitlin Marty
Food Safety Fanatics Jeremiah Johnson
Food Safety Fanatics Scott Oakland
Food Safety Fanatics Brent Brehmer
Food Safety Fanatics Mitchell Ross
Food Safety Fanatics Mitchell Ross
Food Safety Fanatics Robert Goldstein
Food Safety Fanatics Robert Goldstein
FORGOT TO WARM-UP Gabrielle Jones
FORGOT TO WARM-UP Kalie Williams
FORGOT TO WARM-UP Francisco Miguel
FORGOT TO WARM-UP Christina Harmer
Freezin "C"s Rosemarie Corwin
Freezin "C"s Robert Corwin
Freezin "C"s Matthew Corwin
Freezin "C"s Nevaeh Corwin
Glass cutters Kaylee Scholten
Glass cutters Brianne Erickson
Glass cutters Jesse Brady
Glass cutters Nicholas Erickson
Glass cutters Ryan Wiechmann
HYPE Jim Koenig
HYPE Kyle Ernst
HYPE Erin Salazar
HYPE Steven Salazar
HYPE Ashley Walton
HYPE Chrystal Richter
HYPE Taylor Kester
HYPE Kelly Osmon
HYPE Tim Bortner
HYPE Kayla Mullenbach
HYPE Bri Buchan
HYPE Allie Abney
HyVee Barbara Olson
HyVee Leah Schlachter
HyVee Leah Schlachter
HyVee Britt Fossum
HyVee Kristin Anderson
HyVee Kris DeLaMater
HyVee Taylor Schaefer
HyVee Taylor Schaefer
HyVee Joe Smillie
HyVee Missy Brown
HyVee Jon Schlachter
HyVee Bob Weisert
Mower County Sheriff's Department Evan Sorenson
Mower County Sheriff's Department Bernard Waller
Mower County Sheriff's Department Steve Sandvik
Mower County Sheriff's Department Tom Mensink
Mower County Sheriff's Department Chelsea Feldt
Mower County Sheriff's Department Neil Williams
Mower County Sheriff's Department Neil Williams
Mower County Sheriff's Department April Meyer
Mower County Sheriff's Department John Bachman
Organized Chaos Ellie Drescher
Organized Chaos Felicia Riles
Organized Chaos Taylor Doyle
Organized Chaos Allyson Buttshaw
Organized Chaos Lacey Pederson
Pink Things Ryan Glaser
Pink Things Nick Chouanard
Pink Things Hank Anderson
Pink Things William Israel
Pink Things Ethan Israel
Pinky Plunge Pinky Plunge
Pinky Plunge Lindsay Bires
Pinky Plunge Makenzie Hovelsrud
Pinky Plunge Katie (teagan & charley) Gross
Pinky Plunge Ashlyn Bires
Pinky Plunge Brielle Bires
Pinky Plunge Larry Anderson
Pinky Plunge Mitzi Anderson
Pinky Plunge Ava Sorenson
Pinky Plunge Maegan Siebe
Rockers for Knockers Brittany Bartholomew
Rockers for Knockers Paul Hunter
Rockers for Knockers Kirsten Fuerstenberg
Rockers for Knockers Travis Fuerstenberg
Rockers for Knockers Breanna Bartholomew
Rockers for Knockers Kody Phillips
Team Muffler Center Carlene Deblon
Team Muffler Center Tom Fargusson
Team Muffler Center Denniece Trimble
Team Muffler Center Brenda Sorenson
Team Muffler Center Mitch Meyer
Team Muffler Center Stephanie Meyer
Team Muffler Center Marshall Meyer
Team Muffler Center Jade Krueger
Team Muffler Center Tom Gallager
Team Muffler Center Sharmin Starman
Team Taco Johns Melissa Linzmeier
Team Taco Johns Kylie Larson
Team Taco Johns Sammy Potz
Team Taco Johns Merwyn Farnsworth
Team Taco Johns Stan Coffey
The Hormel Institute 10th Anniversary Plungers Brenna Gerhart
The Hormel Institute 10th Anniversary Plungers Luke Hoeppner
The Hormel Institute 10th Anniversary Plungers Gail Dennison
The Hormel Institute 10th Anniversary Plungers Renhui Shen
The Hormel Institute 10th Anniversary Plungers Kishor Pant
The Hormel Institute 10th Anniversary Plungers Sergio Gradilone
The Hormel Institute 10th Anniversary Plungers Naresh Golla
The Hormel Institute 10th Anniversary Plungers Luke Hoeppner
The PT Plungers Kate Blocker
The PT Plungers Mallory Helle
The PT Plungers James Huddleston
The PT Plungers Julie Hennessy
U.S. Bank Jesse Qualey
U.S. Bank jeff gross
U.S. Bank Christina Qualey
U.S. Bank Gretchen Beckel
U.S. Bank Jake Beckel
U.S. Bank Alex Johnson
U.S. Bank Ben Owens
U.S. Bank Brad Pilcher
U.S. Bank Chairole Williamson
U.S. Bank Jordyn Williamson
U.S. Bank Alex Laury
U.S. Bank Ashlea Laury
U.S. Bank Bethany Fairfax
Wet- Dry dawgs Matthew Vale
Wet- Dry dawgs Joe Sucha
Wet- Dry dawgs Joe Diggins

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